1 - Cathédrale Saint-Paul, Londres (Royaume-Uni).

2 - Basilique Saint-Pierre (Vatican).

3 - Wisconsin State Capitol, Madison (Etats-Unis).

4 - Eglise Santa Maria del Popolo, Rome (Italie)

5 - Cathédrale Saint-Isaac, Saint-Pétersbourg (Russie)

6 - Basilique Saint-Etienne, Budapest (Hongrie).

7 - Eglise Santissimo Nome di Maria al Foro Traiano, Rome (Italie).

8 - Capitole de La Havane (Cuba).

9 - Cathédrale Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence (Italie).

10 - Eglise du Val-de-Grâce, Paris (France).


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So what happens if two people who have promised their firstborn to separate witches have a child together? Do they both just pop up in the nursery and have a custody battle?

I need a book about a little girl whose parents had promised their firstborn to different witches and the only way that both ends of the deal were fulfilled was for them to have joint custody of the child.

I love it!

And then the witches, forced to share a cottage while raising their joint stolen child, fall in love…

I have three mothers, and they all hate each other. You’d think that would make festivals pretty awkward around here, but actually, it’s all quite civil. The days between All Souls and St Michael’s I spend with my father and Lady Beatrix, and my mothers are invited to the high feasts. My father is in love with Lady Beatrix, I think. Sometimes I think he hates her, too, but Mama Bess says that’s normal for married people - she hated her husband whenever the moon was dark and sometimes just for the hell of it, she says.

If my father has any opinions on Mama Bess or Mistress Hecate beyond the courteous boredom he extends to most of his subjects, I’ve never seen any sign of them. He tells me I should call Mama Bess Mistress Bartram, but even Mistress Hecate says he worries too much about what’s proper and not what’s right.

Permission to run away with your plotbunny, moriartythetease, copperbadge?

Granted from me, but it’s really up to moriartythetease :)

(LOL sometimes just for the hell of it)






A professional script reader read 300 screenplays for five different studios, all the while tracking the many recurring problems. The infographic he made with the collected data offers a glimpse at where screenwriting goes wrong.

pay attention to this

this is important even if you don’t write scripts

This is exceedingly important to all storytellers